Thursday, October 24, 2013

The Star in Our Hearts

The Stars in our Heart

For all the one we love and loss
Let their souls rest 
Near or far, we can still hear them calling out for us from the sky.
Whenever the sky cries, they hear our sorrow.
Whenever the sky smiles, they hear our smile.

Even though the truth might hurt, sometimes we have to accept it.
Even though there are times that reality are like dreams, we have to live them.
Just like death.
We as Humans sometime hold the true things in our hearts, refusing to accept the reality, the true pain.
Most of the time, we are afraid to see what is reality.
Yes, I understand that death is something not everyone can let go of.
Because when that one person you hold dear is gone, it's like the world have come to an end.
We tend to hold it deep in our heart because we think it's the best way.
Sometimes, we just have to know when to let go, though it may seem painful and difficult to do.
But when we finally let that one special person go, we can finally free ourselves from our grief.
It is understandable that most people hold onto their special person because they know if they "let" that person go, it's like forgetting them.
To let go doesn't meaning to forget, it means to accept reality.
But to let go doesn't also mean to ignore the pain and move on like it never happened.
It means "to remember, and to let go".
These kind of emotional barrier is what make us stronger.
And we all must know how to pull through.
It is sad that some of us cope their loss so much that some of us are pulled into misery.
Even choosing the path to death sometimes...
Some are resilient to death, will take decades to heal.
No matter how long or fast it takes, as long as we all learn and grow from it.
We should understand that even at death, our love ones will never depart from us.
They are still watching us from above, hoping that we can find happiness, hoping we can finally see what is real and what is not.
Death isn't the end. 
It is a new beginning, a new beginning for the loss and a new beginning for us all.

I want you all, whoever is reading this or whenever someone come across this, to close your eyes.
Think deeply about the one you lost, the one you remember, and the one you love.
Search for their faces, their names, call out for them and pray.
Think of the time when they are still alive.
Despite all of the choices they made, whether it was bad or good, 
and despite if they passed from terminal sickness or suicide, 
their soul made a choice. 
We must truly accept their choices because we love them.
Thank them for the happiness they give, and be thankful that your alive to live for them.
Think deeply and sincerely. 
Cry if you even want to. But let it all out. 
Hold onto their faces and let them go, smiling and hoping a brighter future for their souls.

Then, at night, whenever you see stars, those stars represent every living being who lost their life.
Every being watching over their love ones on earth, including you.
Remember, they are always there, protecting and guiding us all.
All of the stars in our hearts....
All of the love ones....
Watching every bits of our lives.


The one I love and loss 


Choi Jin Sil 
Choi Jin Young